In Love With Her Best Friend

Ihave not had sex in over 10 years it is not that I have not had the desire. It is that I have not found anyone that I want to share that part of myself with. That is until last year. I did not know that what I wanted and desired were going to be the same thing.

My best friend lives a state away. We IM, email and talk on the phone when ever we can. Just a few weeks ago we saw each other again after 6 months. It was then that I realized I want her.

Up until now all of my wants have been to men. Never would I have thought that I would want to be with a woman. Just hearing her voice is enough to get me turned on. I want to be the one to give her love and pleasure. I can see how it in my minds eye.

Lying in bed next to each other talking, then in a moment of silence a kiss slow and tender. Her lips soft and warm as they press against mine. Getting braver my hand reaches for her breast, just the right size to cup in my hand. She pushes against me. I can feel a tremble. I don’t know if it is her or me but the tension the desire is building. Another kiss, as I pull her shirt away from her body. Lowering my head I take one nipple in my mouth. One hand sliding down her back the other stroking her other nipple. I can hear the soft moans that let me know she likes what I am doing to her.

My hand has reached the top of her shorts and I start tugging them down. I want her naked. Slowly they slid down this is driving me crazy, I want to touch her and to taste her. I have to use both hands to get them down. I look up into her blue eyes and she just smiles at me. I start kissing my way down her body running my tongue around her navel. Lower and lower, tasting more of her sweat, and getting that musky smell of hers. I stop and rest my head on her stomach. Waiting for her breathing to slow down, I so want her to enjoy all of what I want to give her.

I slid my hand down and stroke the outer lips softer than a kiss. Each gentle stroke moving deeper and with just a bit more pressure. My fingers find her moist center and I push them in. She gasps from the suddenness of it. With my tongue I find her clit I lick it a few times. But what I want to do is suck it.

Anyway, I think I am in love with my best friend.

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