The following story, Kitty, arrived to the in-box of The Confessional with these instructions.
"Use the pic supplied, and if it's too big, go ahead and reduce it."

We did not reduce it, and have no idea who the woman in the picture is, but we sure hope it is Kitty from the story below! Enjoy!


The following arrived to the inbox of The Confessional with these instructions.
"Use the pic supplied, and if it's too big, go ahead and reduce it."

We did not reduce it, and have no idea who the woman in the picture is, but we sure hope it is Kitty from the story below! Enjoy!

My story is one I never thought I'd write. I've hit the jackpot as far as a fuckbuddy goes and I need to get it off my chest.

I should start by telling you I'm a married man in a lousy marriage. Many anniversaries doesn't automatically mean a happy marriage and it's made a husband seek affection where he can get it. After years online in chat rooms, I never thought I'd find a gal, let alone near me in location. Then mix in the "perfect" circumstances between said gal's relationship and mine and you find it's next to impossible.

But it did happen one night and I'll call the gal Kitty. After a few weeks of getting to know each other and getting more excited each time, we finally did some phone sex. Man, did she ever sound good! She's in her forties like I am, five-foot two inches, and sports a pair of 44-D tits. More about those babies later. Her voice made her sound like she was 21; breathy and sweet. Now comes the great part. She's married to a man who travels frequently and he gave her permission to go out and fuck a guy.

It soon became clear we needed to meet. I arranged for a "blind date" at a bar halfway from work and halfway from where she lived. She said she was a redhead with blonde highlights and after circling around the bar twice, I finally noticed her sitting alone. I came up to her, spoke some French in greeting and we smiled and hugged. Immediate acceptance and she was gorgeous. We quickly sat down and I complimented her on her looks. Afterwards, she said it was The Look I gave her that nobody else has ever given her: one of need and wanting and lust.

We talked and made long eye contact as we drank, and we clicked very well. We held each other's hands across the table while she cooed and stared at me. Finally, she asked me to sit next to her and we proceeded to neck like teens in a car, my hand sliding right down her ass crack, unnoticed. She wore a plunging neckline and I had to fight from staring at it. Our kisses were filled with more moans and passion and even the waitress didn't return.

"Let's go to my car," she said.

She owns a large SUV and we climbed in, giggling. After some initial kissing, she quickly took her bra off to show her impressive rack and I kissed her some more, my hand travelling down her belly to find a completely shaved pussy. I remember she told me her breasts were really sensitive and she could get off with just breast play alone, so I lathered a wide, hot tongue across both undersides while two fingers sank into her deeply. Imagine my surprise when she gushed across my hand thirty seconds later in a wild orgasm. She is multi-orgasmic; first women I've met like that.

After making her cum one more time, she pushed me back on the seat and started deep throating me. I will tell you, I've never had such a good blowjob in my whole life, wife included, and after a while of concentration, I emptied my balls in her mouth. She muttered,"Delicious." Do you know what the unique thing about it was? She left behind not one drop of cum. Incredible.

Emails shot back and forth for the next week and she whispered," I need to fuck you." Say no more!

She arranged for a very nice hotel room with a king-sized bed, using her hubby's frequent mileage points. A room on the house.

I left from work after saving up two lunch-periods and leaving us two hours of play. It was a fairly easy and short distance to drive, but I was nervous. I'd never done this before. What if I cum too quickly? What if she doesn't like my size? If I cum, will I rebound?

A knock on the door and there she was, wearing another plunging outfit while I plunged my tongue down her throat right there. We'd joked about who gets the on-top position first and she called it. But not yet. My strategy was to make her cum a bunch of times before the actual intercourse began, so I slowly stripped off her clothes, my body trembling.

I've had other girlfriends with large breasts, but hers were uniquely firm. Yes, they were natural, and they had two cute nipples. More breast play that had her cumming two times, before I even touched her pussy. Then a few more times with breast play and two fingers in her. I then proceeded to eat her very delicious and completely bare pussy. She really enjoyed that, because I found I could suck her clit like an expert. More gushes of her cum, across my lips and chin, while I slapped and awoke one of her "girls" once. (She likes a slap now and then.)

Time for the Big Event. But she didn't just climb on and fuck me. We talked, joked, panted, and kissed with her on top of me, her pussy rubbing on me the whole time, and simply took our time and enjoyed ourselves. She dipped her pussy and caught my cockhead and I whispered how we were finally doing it, finally having the sex we craved for weeks. She grinned and nodded and I pumped into her harder, making her gasp. I could sense and see another of her awesome orgasms coming on and I continued, never stopping. She was so loud when she did and I laughed to myself about anybody hearing us.

I waited for her to sit up on me and she finally did it, showing her full body in view to me while I stayed deep, deep inside. "Feel that? Hmm? Feel how hard and thick I am, baby?" She cooed at that while I lifted my ass and fucked her some more, both my hands lifting her large, jiggling globes and slapping the side of one. I was in heaven and let her know it. "Stay together, stud. Keep going, don't cum yet," I told myself. And I didn't when I watched her face distort and she gasped for me yet again. I whispered that she just gushed across my large balls.

More hugging and kissing while she took a breather on her back and I knew it was my turn. I was finally going to fuck the brains out of this busty blonde.

Being only just over five feet, her legs are shorter than what I'm used to, and after trying the "one leg up and sideways" trick I do with my wife, I gave up and simply balled her hard, making her ankles bounce on my taut, pumping ass for a while. I congratuled myself on staying hard and staying together while I drilled her.

Sitting up and playing with her tits, I slowed the pace way down and watched myself pushing into her pussy and drawing her pussy lips outwards with my cockhead. She moaned how I was spearing her with my cock and burying it and that's all it took. I told her I was gonna bust in her pussy and she watched me when I exploded. My legs writhed while I wiggled and filled her with my steamy cum, pushing her pussy in this direction and that one and it actually made her cum again.

I collapsed next to her while she cuddled up with me and she said she loved the look in my eyes when I came.

We both showered and I held her from behind. I remarked I couldn't do her doggy because I was too tall for her, so she hiked a leg up onto the ledge and I directed the spray at her snatch. With wide hands holding and kneading her tits that hung over them, she shuddered and came in the steamy shower in no time at all. Beautiful.

We did some more holding and kissing and laughing before I abruptly told her to get on all fours. How nice it was to fuck a woman with shorter legs, where she could get that better angle of my thick cock! A solid smack on her ass launched things and she was very loud, nearly yelling about how much she was enjoying while I controlled her ass. I wanted to clutch her hair, but her ass was way up here and her head was way down there. I continued until she cried out and made her cum on my whole cock while I paused.

I wasn't able to cum and I told her so, and she didn't mind. I wish you could've seen the look on her face, however. Her eyes were rolling while she smiled in a drunken state of total satisfaction, and we simply held each other.

Apparently, her hubby has a fetish for hearing how another man fucked his wife, but she simply told him it was "better than expected," and left it at that. An even better compliment was gained when she told her female fuckbuddy that every time we meet, the sex is better than before. And it is better, because I'm not as nervous each time.

So that's my confession, one I've never told anybody else. We're still getting together every three weeks or so and I have to admit, it's very good, without any hint of shame. At the completion, she goes to her family and I go to mine, none the wiser. But both of us happier.

Thank you for listening.

Sugasm #86

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Photographs Used In The Above Story Are From:
I Feel Myself (IFeelMyself -IFM);

Ihave not had sex in over 10 years it is not that I have not had the desire. It is that I have not found anyone that I want to share that part of myself with. That is until last year. I did not know that what I wanted and desired were going to be the same thing.

My best friend lives a state away. We IM, email and talk on the phone when ever we can. Just a few weeks ago we saw each other again after 6 months. It was then that I realized I want her.

Up until now all of my wants have been to men. Never would I have thought that I would want to be with a woman. Just hearing her voice is enough to get me turned on. I want to be the one to give her love and pleasure. I can see how it in my minds eye.

Lying in bed next to each other talking, then in a moment of silence a kiss slow and tender. Her lips soft and warm as they press against mine. Getting braver my hand reaches for her breast, just the right size to cup in my hand. She pushes against me. I can feel a tremble. I don’t know if it is her or me but the tension the desire is building. Another kiss, as I pull her shirt away from her body. Lowering my head I take one nipple in my mouth. One hand sliding down her back the other stroking her other nipple. I can hear the soft moans that let me know she likes what I am doing to her.

My hand has reached the top of her shorts and I start tugging them down. I want her naked. Slowly they slid down this is driving me crazy, I want to touch her and to taste her. I have to use both hands to get them down. I look up into her blue eyes and she just smiles at me. I start kissing my way down her body running my tongue around her navel. Lower and lower, tasting more of her sweat, and getting that musky smell of hers. I stop and rest my head on her stomach. Waiting for her breathing to slow down, I so want her to enjoy all of what I want to give her.

I slid my hand down and stroke the outer lips softer than a kiss. Each gentle stroke moving deeper and with just a bit more pressure. My fingers find her moist center and I push them in. She gasps from the suddenness of it. With my tongue I find her clit I lick it a few times. But what I want to do is suck it.

Anyway, I think I am in love with my best friend.

Iam a married woman and have remained faithful for the 20+ years of my marriage.

Until recently, I have never been tempted to stray. I lust after a man I have never met physically, yet feel I know him enough to want to experience him.

Muse Fine EroticaThis does make me sound awful by my own standards but my body betrays me.

Seeing him online and have become friends on a professional level which rapidly turned into a sexual relationship. The thoughts of hearing his voice awakens my sexual being and leaves me wanting more. Sometimes, just seeing his name or his face is enough to arouse me. My mind takes over with fantasy, usually ending with masturbation to the thoughts of him.

It started off simple enough. I met him on-line; he was kind and has an amazing spirit.

We have had cyber encounters and phone sex, both of which were new to me, yet very enjoyable.

Visit I Feel MyselfI dream of him often and wake up wanting for him to be there and disappointed when I realize it was just a dream. Many times I have masturbated to the thoughts of him as well as during our cyber encounters.

This is probably the only person I have yet to meet, but I know if he were to show up in my zip code, I would give myself to him.

Sugasm #75

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