Hidden Desire - Submission #1

Iam a married woman and have remained faithful for the 20+ years of my marriage.

Until recently, I have never been tempted to stray. I lust after a man I have never met physically, yet feel I know him enough to want to experience him.

Muse Fine EroticaThis does make me sound awful by my own standards but my body betrays me.

Seeing him online and have become friends on a professional level which rapidly turned into a sexual relationship. The thoughts of hearing his voice awakens my sexual being and leaves me wanting more. Sometimes, just seeing his name or his face is enough to arouse me. My mind takes over with fantasy, usually ending with masturbation to the thoughts of him.

It started off simple enough. I met him on-line; he was kind and has an amazing spirit.

We have had cyber encounters and phone sex, both of which were new to me, yet very enjoyable.

Visit I Feel MyselfI dream of him often and wake up wanting for him to be there and disappointed when I realize it was just a dream. Many times I have masturbated to the thoughts of him as well as during our cyber encounters.

This is probably the only person I have yet to meet, but I know if he were to show up in my zip code, I would give myself to him.

2 Confessional comments:

very hot. like this blog lot's..more reading for me..

i may submit..we'll see.

xx,res. ``i'll be another name though, when i do``

April 28, 2007 at 12:52 PM  

Ummm...I'm adam b. now.

Still considering the thought of submitting a confession.

Cheers, w/Sugar!

xx,adam b.~~(^_^)~~formerly, "res"

May 29, 2007 at 8:02 AM  

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